1945 is another year of the Golden Age of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


  • Produced by WARNER BROS. CARTOONS INC. and RELEASED BY WARNER BROS. PICTURES INCORPORATED are gone after "Odor-able Kitty", which is also Pepé Le Pew's first cartoon. He was then known as "Henry" or "Stinky". This is also the final cartoon in the 1943-44 season.
  • Starting with "Herr Meets Hare", the red rings black background is reused from the 1942-43 season. The 1944-45 and 1945-46 seasons would use the same Color Rings and backgrounds.
  • The 1945-55 opening rendition of "Merrily We Roll Along" debuts in "Hare Trigger", which is the first to feature full credits. This is also the first to have the WB shield with Bugs sitting and pulling the shade, excluding "The Heckling Hare". This variation would be used until "Hare Do".
  • Sylvester makes his debut in "Life with Feathers", which is also the final cartoon to not have full credits, the final cartoon to have the 1941-45 opening rendition of "Merrily We Roll Along", and the final cartoon to have the WB shield zoom onto the screen before the "WARNER BROS. PICTURES INC." and "Present" appear in an non-Bugs cartoon.
  • The Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies themes are shortened this year to allow for full credits. The Looney Tunes theme would change again in 1946, but the Merrie Melodies stayed the same.
  • Bob Clampett leaves the studio on May 7 and Arthur Davis takes over his unit.[1]

Warner Club News Stories and Art


  1. Lt icon "Odor-able Kitty" Blueribbon icon
  2. Music note "Herr Meets Hare"
  3. Lt icon "Draftee Daffy"
  4. Music note "The Unruly Hare"
  5. Lt icon "Trap Happy Porky" Blueribbon icon
  6. Music note "Life with Feathers" Blueribbon icon
  7. Lt icon "Behind the Meat-Ball"
  8. Music note "Hare Trigger"
  9. Lt icon "Ain't That Ducky" Blueribbon icon
  10. Music note "A Gruesome Twosome"
  11. Lt icon "Tale of Two Mice" Blueribbon icon
  12. Music note "Wagon Heels"
  13. Lt icon "Hare Conditioned"
  14. Music note "Fresh Airedale" Blueribbon icon
  15. Lt icon "The Bashful Buzzard" Blueribbon icon
  16. Music note "Peck Up Your Troubles" Blueribbon icon
  17. Lt icon "Hare Tonic"
  18. Music note "Nasty Quacks"

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1944-1945 Season

  1. Music note "The Fella with the Fiddle" (20-Jan-1945)
  2. Music note "When I Yoo Hoo" (24-Feb-1945)
  3. Music note "I Only Have Eyes for You" (17-Mar-1945)
  4. Music note "Ain't We Got Fun" (21-Apr-1945)
  5. Music note "I'm a Big Shot Now" (04-Jun-1945)
  6. Music note "Speaking of the Weather" (21-Jul-1945)
  7. Music note "Old Glory" (25-Aug-1945)
  8. Music note "Busy Bakers" (20-Oct-1945)

1945-1946 Season

  1. Music note "A Sunbonnet Blue" (17-Nov-1945)
  2. Music note "The Lyin' Mouse" (22-Dec-1945)


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