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== Blue Ribbon Reissues ==
== Blue Ribbon Reissues ==
=== 1945-1946 Season ===
=== 1945-1946 Season ===
#{{MM*}} "[[A Sunbonnet Blue]]" (17-Nov-1945)
#{{MM*}} "[[The Lyin' Mouse]]" (22-Dec-1945)
#{{MM*}} "[[The Good Egg]]" (05-Jan-1946)
#{{MM*}} "[[The Good Egg]]" (05-Jan-1946)
#{{MM*}} "[[The Trial of Mr. Wolf]]" (09-Feb-1946)
#{{MM*}} "[[The Trial of Mr. Wolf]]" (09-Feb-1946)

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1946 is another year of the Golden Age of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


  • Bob Clampett's final cartoons are released this year. He left due to being fired. His final cartoon was "The Big Snooze" although uncredited.
  • Starting with "Kitty Kornered", the "That's all Folks!" returns to the Looney Tunes series.
  • Starting with "Hair-Raising Hare", the background Color Rings change from red rings black background to red background blue rings. The first ring would be red though.
  • "Hush My Mouse" marks the final appearance of Porky Pig's "T-t-t-that's all folks!" drum ending signoff.

Warner Club News Stories


  1. Lt icon "Book Revue" Blueribbon icon
  2. Lt icon "Baseball Bugs"
  3. Music note "Holiday for Shoestrings" Blueribbon icon
  4. Music note "Quentin Quail"
  5. Lt icon "Baby Bottleneck" Blueribbon icon
  6. Music note "Hare Remover"
  7. Lt icon "Daffy Doodles" Blueribbon icon
  8. Music note "Hollywood Canine Canteen"
  9. Lt icon "Hush My Mouse" Blueribbon icon
  10. Music note "Hair-Raising Hare"
  11. Lt icon "Kitty Kornered"
  12. Music note "Hollywood Daffy"
  13. Lt icon "Acrobatty Bunny"
  14. Music note "The Eager Beaver" Blueribbon icon
  15. Lt icon "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery"
  16. Music note "Bacall to Arms"
  17. Lt icon "Of Thee I Sting" Blueribbon icon
  18. Music note "Walky Talky Hawky" Blueribbon icon
  19. Lt icon "Racketeer Rabbit"
  20. Music note "Fair and Worm-er" Blueribbon icon
  21. Lt icon "The Big Snooze"
  22. Music note "The Mouse-Merized Cat" Blueribbon icon
  23. Lt icon "Mouse Menace" Blueribbon icon
  24. Music note "Rhapsody Rabbit"
  25. Lt icon "Roughly Squeaking" Blueribbon icon

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1945-1946 Season

  1. Music note "The Good Egg" (05-Jan-1946)
  2. Music note "The Trial of Mr. Wolf" (09-Feb-1946)
  3. Music note "The Little Lion Hunter" (23-Mar-1946)
  4. Music note "Fresh Fish" (06-Apr-1946)
  5. Music note "Daffy Duck & Egghead" (20-Apr-1946)
  6. Music note "Katnip Kollege" (04-May-1946)
  7. Music note "The Night Watchman" (18-May-1946)
  8. Music note "Little Brother Rat" (08-Jun-1946)
  9. Music note "Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas" (22-Jun-1946)
  10. Music note "Robin Hood Makes Good" (06-Jul-1946)
  11. Music note "Little Red Walking Hood" (17-Aug-1946)

1946-1947 Season

  1. Music note "Fox Pop" (28-Sep-1946)
  2. Music note "The Wacky Worm" (12-Oct-1946)
  3. Music note "You're an Education" (26-Oct-1946)


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