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The Scarlet Pumpernickel


Bill Murray was born

1950 is yet another year in the golden age of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies.


  1. Music note Home Tweet Home (Freleng/Jan 14) Blueribbon icon
  2. Music note Hurdy-Gurdy Hare (McKimson/Jan 21/4:1) Blueribbon icon
  3. Lt icon Boobs in the Woods (McKimson/Jan 28/1:2) Blueribbon icon
  4. Lt icon Mutiny on the Bunny (Freleng/Feb 11) Blueribbon icon (Blue Ribbon reissue in 1967.)
  5. Lt icon The Lion's Busy (Freleng/Feb 18) Blueribbon icon
  6. Lt icon The Scarlet Pumpernickel (Jones/Mar 4/1:2) Blueribbon icon
  7. Music note Homeless Hare (Jones/Mar 11/3:1) Blueribbon icon
  8. Music note Strife with Father (McKimson/Apr 1) Blueribbon icon
  9. Music note The Hypo-Chondri-Cat (Jones/Apr 15/1:3) Blueribbon icon
  10. Lt icon Big House Bunny (Freleng/Apr 22/1:1)
  11. Lt icon The Leghorn Blows at Midnight (McKimson/May 6) Blueribbon icon
  12. Music note His Bitter Half (Freleng/May 20) Blueribbon icon
  13. Music note An Egg Scramble (McKimson/May 27/3:3) Blueribbon icon
  14. Lt icon What's Up Doc? (McKimson/Jun 17/1:1)
  15. Lt icon All a Bir-r-r-d (Freleng/Jun 24/2:3) Blueribbon icon
  16. Lt icon 8 Ball Bunny (Jones/Jul 8/4:1) Blueribbon icon
  17. Lt icon It's Hummer Time (McKimson/Jul 22) Blueribbon icon
  18. Music note Golden Yeggs (Freleng/Aug 5/1:2) Blueribbon icon
  19. Music note Hillbilly Hare (McKimson/Aug 12/3:1)
  20. Music note Dog Gone South (Jones/August 20) Blueribbon icon
  21. Lt icon The Ducksters (Jones/Sep 2/1:2) Blueribbon icon
  22. Music note A Fractured Leghorn (McKimson/Sep 16) Blueribbon icon
  23. Music note Bunker Hill Bunny (Freleng/Sep 23/1:4)
  24. Music note Canary Row (Freleng/Oct 7/1:4) Blueribbon icon
  25. Music note Stooge for a Mouse (Freleng/Oct 21) Blueribbon icon
  26. Lt icon Pop 'Im Pop! (McKimson/Oct 28) Blueribbon icon
  27. Lt icon Bushy Hare (McKimson/Nov 11)
  28. Lt icon Caveman Inki (Jones/Nov 25) Blueribbon icon
  29. Music note Dog Collared (McKimson/Dec 2) Blueribbon icon
  30. Lt icon Rabbit of Seville (Jones/Dec 16/1:1) Blueribbon icon (Blue Ribbon reissue in 1969.)
  31. Lt icon Two's a Crowd (Jones/Dec 30) Blueribbon icon

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1949-1950 Season

  1. Music note "My Favorite Duck" (28-Jan-1950)
  2. Music note "The Sheepish Wolf" (04-Mar-1950)
  3. Music note "Double Chaser" (25-Mar-1950)
  4. Music note "The Fifth-Column Mouse" (22-Apr-1950)
  5. Music note "Inki and the Lion" (20-May-1950)
  6. Music note "Tick Tock Tuckered" (03-Jun-1950)
  7. Music note "Booby Hatched" (01-Jul-1950)
  8. Music note "Trap Happy Porky" (05-Aug-1950)
  9. Music note "Lost and Foundling" (26-Aug-1950)


  1. Music note "Fagin's Freshman" (16-Sep-1950)
  2. Music note "Slightly Daffy" (14-Oct-1950)
  3. Music note "The Aristo-cat" (11-Nov-1950)
  4. Music note "The Unbearable Bear" (09-Dec-1950)

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