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1953 is another year in Looney Tunes history.


  • Robert McKimson's unit at Warner Bros. Cartoons is disbanded early in April.[1]
  • The Warner Bros. animation studio is shut down on June 19, and would remain shut down until January 4, 1954. Everybody is laid off, save for ten unnamed staffers. The reasons given for the shutdown are a heavy backlog of releases until late 1954 and uncertainty about whether to make the cartoons in 2D or 3D.[2]
  • Chuck Jones goes to work at the Walt Disney studio on the film Sleeping Beauty.[3]
  • Michael Maltese heads to Walter Lantz Productions and is credited as writer on several Woody Woodpecker cartoons.[2]


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* Final cartoon to use both of the series' old-style opening and closing sequences

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1952-1953 Season

  1. Lt icon "Tale of Two Mice" (10-Jan-1953) (Reissued as "A Tale of Two Mice")
  2. Lt icon "The Bashful Buzzard" (07-Feb-1953)
  3. Music note "Country Mouse" (14-Mar-1953)
  4. Music note "Little Dutch Plate" (11-Apr-1953)
  5. Lt icon "Ain't That Ducky" (02-May-1953)
  6. Music note "Mighty Hunters" (13-Jun-1953) (The 1st Blue Ribbon Reissue to keep/retain the original titles and credits)
  7. Music note "The Fighting 69½th" (11-Jul-1953) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)
  8. Music note "Sniffles Takes a Trip" (01-Aug-1953)
  9. Music note "Wacky Wild Life" (29-Aug-1953)

1953-1954 Season

  1. Music note "Old Glory" (12-Sep-1953) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)
  2. Music note "Walky Talky Hawky" (17-Oct-1953)
  3. Lt icon "Birth of a Notion" (07-Nov-1953)
  4. Music note "The Eager Beaver" (28-Nov-1953)
  5. Lt icon "Scent-imental over You" (26-Dec-1953)

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