1954 is yet another year when Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts were released.


  • The Warner Bros. animation studio reopens on January 4.[1]


  1. Lt icon "Dog Pounded" (Freleng/Jan 2) Blueribbon icon*
  2. Music note "Captain Hareblower"  (1954/Freleng/Jan 16)
  3. Music note "I Gopher You" (Freleng/Jan 30)
  4. Lt icon "Feline Frame-Up" (Jones/Feb 13)
  5. Music note "Wild Wife" (McKimson/Feb 20)
  6. Music note "No Barking" (Jones/Feb 27/3:4) Blueribbon icon
  7. Lt icon "Bugs and Thugs" (Freleng/Mar 2/1:4)
  8. Lt icon "The Cats Bah" (Jones/Mar 20)
  9. Lt icon "Design for Leaving" (McKimson/Mar 27) Blueribbon icon
  10. Music note "Bell Hoppy" (McKimson/Apr 17) Blueribbon icon
  11. Lt icon "No Parking Hare" (McKimson/May 1)
  12. Lt icon "Dr. Jerkyl's Hide" (Freleng/May 8)
  13. Music note "Claws for Alarm" (Jones/May 22/3:3)
  14. Lt icon "Little Boy Boo" (McKimson/Jun 5)
  15. Lt icon "Devil May Hare" (McKimson/Jun 19/1:4)
  16. Music note "Muzzle Tough" (Freleng/Jun 26)
  17. Music note "The Oily American" (McKimson/Jul 10)
  18. Lt icon "Bewitched Bunny" (Jones/Jul 24/5:2)
  19. Lt icon "Satan's Waitin'" (Freleng/Aug 7) Blueribbon icon
  20. Music note "Stop, Look and Hasten" (Jones/Aug 14/2:2)
  21. Lt icon "Yankee Doodle Bugs" (Freleng/Aug 28)
  22. Lt icon "Gone Batty" (McKimson/Sep 4) Blueribbon icon
  23. Music note "Goo Goo Goliath" (Freleng/Sep 18)
  24. Lt icon "By Word of Mouse"  (Freleng/Oct 2)
  25. Lt icon "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" (Jones/Oct 16/2:2s*) Blueribbon icon
  26. Music note "Quack Shot" (McKimson/Oct 30) Blueribbon icon (Blue Ribbon reissue in 1969.)
  27. Lt icon "Lumber Jack-Rabbit" (Jones/Nov 13) (Flat Release)
  28. Music note "My Little Duckaroo" (Jones/Nov 27)
  29. Music note "Sheep Ahoy" (Jones/Dec 11)
  30. Music note "Baby Buggy Bunny" (Jones/Dec 18/2:1)

* 1954 begins using new-styled "bullet" sequences on opening titles. Later, with the change to the red Color Rings and blue background, it also began for the ending titles as well.

Blue Ribbon Reissues

1953-1954 Season

  1. Music note "Of Fox and Hounds" (06-Feb-1954) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)
  2. Lt icon "Roughly Squeaking" (27-Feb-1954)
  3. Music note "Hobo Bobo" (03-Apr-1954)
  4. Music note "The Gay Anties" (24-Apr-1954)
  5. Music note "The Cat Came Back" (05-Jun-1954) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)
  6. Music note "One Meat Brawl" (10-Jul-1954)
  7. Lt icon "Along Came Daffy" (24-Jul-1954)
  8. Lt icon "Mouse Menace" (14-Aug-1954)

1954-1955 Season

  1. Music note "Rhapsody in Rivets" (11-Sep-1954) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)
  2. Music note "Inki at the Circus" (16-Oct-1954)
  3. Music note "The Foxy Duckling" (06-Nov-1954)
  4. Music note "The Shell Shocked Egg" (27-Nov-1954)
  5. Music note "The Trial of Mr. Wolf" (25-Dec-1954) (2nd Blue Ribbon release)

Warner Club News Stories and Art


  1. Daily Variety, December 4, 1953. Readable at [1]

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