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A Bear for Punishment is a 1950 animated Warner Bros. Looney Tunes cartoon released in 1951, featuring The Three Bears. This was the last cartoon of the Three Bears series. It was directed by Chuck Jones.

The DVD extras for this cartoon include Stan Freberg reminiscing about the cartoon and reciting part of Junior Bear's poem, "My Pa", in the bear's voice; and a clip of Chuck Jones stating that Papa Bear's growling, "I HATE breakfast in bed!" was taken from his own experience as a father when his children would try to serve him on Father's Day.

The march, "Father", performed by Junior and Ma, is a special vocal written to the tune of "Frat", a long-standing Warner cartoon staple.


  • The ABC version of this cartoon edits the "Let's Give A Cheer for Father" song to remove the two times Ma and Junyer Bear fire off shotguns.
  • Nickelodeon left in the gunfire in the "Let's Give A Cheer for Father" song, but edited two scenes:
    • Early in the cartoon, when Pa is trying to shut off Junyer Bear's alarm clocks, he yells, "How do you turn these blasted things off?!" Junyer shushes the clocks and they all stop. Rather than congratulate his son (or ask how he did that), Pa slams a clock in Junyer's face and Junyer is shown with a broken alarm clock for a face before it cuts to Ma saying, "But Henry..."
    • The scene where Junyer mistakes gunpowder for pipe tobacco by misspelling it ("'G-U-N-P-O-W-D-E-R'. Duh, 'tobacco'") and congratulating himself on being a good speller ("I am a good speller, I am. C-A-T, dog. B-A-T, Rhode Island.")



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