A Devil of a Job
Devil of a Job
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 5
Directed By: Douglas McCarthy
Written By: Gordon Kent
Released: October 12, 1991
Previous: Kee-Wee Ala King
Next: Battling Bushrats

A Devil of a Job is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Douglas McCarthy. It originally aired on October 5, 1991.


Taz wants to buy a motorcycle. His dad Hugh suggests that he get a job to earn money for it. He first does work cutting grass, but doesn't make much on his first day. He then opens a lemonade stand. Timothy and Daniel Platypus offer Taz a job as their apprentice, and they head to do decorating work at the soon-to-be-opened Hotel Tasmania.

Meanwhile, Mum tells Bushwhacker Bob that they need to hire a tasmanian devil for the grand opening. The Platypus brothers and Taz arrive, but Bob is oblivious to the fact that Taz is a tasmanian devil. The Platypus brothers tell Taz to hold the rope to the chandelier while they fix it, but when Bob sees Taz holding it, he thinks that Taz is just standing there, and orders him to do some work, causing Taz to drop the chandelier on Bob. Bob subsequently kicks Taz out of the hotel, and shortly afterwards Mr. Thickley looks into a book and informs Bob that Taz is a tasmanian devil.

Bushwacker Bob and Mr. Thickley then go into the outback in search of a tasmanian devil, and at home, Hugh informs Taz that he's found flyers advertising that the Hotel Tasmania is looking to hire a tasmanian devil. Taz goes back to the hotel, where Constance tells Taz that Bushwacker Bob is out in search of a tasmanian devil. Bob and Thickley get cornered at the edge of a cliff by some hungry boars, and they see crocodiles in the water below. Taz shows up and tells the boars, who happen to be his friends, not to eat them. Bob hires Taz, but then quickly fires him when they all fall off and hang from the cliff. Mum and Constance, however, show up to save them, and Taz gets his job.


This episode marks the first appearances of Bushwhacker Bob, Mum, Mr. Thickley, and Constance Koala.


  • Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck make a cameo in this episode.
    • Daffy steals Bugs' classic line about making a "left turn at Albuquerque."

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