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A Kiddies Kitty is a 1955 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


Suzanne has broken all of her toys, so she asks her mother if she can get a cat, as their heads can't be torn off. However, Suzanne's mother rejects her offer and says that she will not get any other toy or pet until she can be more responsible with them. On the other side of the fence, Sylvester is being chased by Hector the Bulldog. Hoping to escape from Hector, Sylvester leaps over the fence and onto Suzanne's yard. Suzanne finds Sylvester and wants to keep him for herself.

However, Suzanne doesn't know how to treat a cat. She first hugs Sylvester too hard that he nearly chokes and then gives him a bath in a washing machine. She gives Sylvester some milk to drink, but she nearly gets caught by her mother for having a cat, and hides Sylvester in the freezer and licks the milk that Sylvester drank earlier. After being called out by her mother for being silly, Suzanne attempts to take Sylvester out only to see him frozen in a pack of ice cubes. To thaw Sylvester, Suzanne warms him up with an electric blanket that eventually overheats.

Back outside, Sylvester wants dinner and is being offered "liver and sardines," which is actually mud. Sylvester realizes that Suzanne is actually worse than Hector and tries to escape, but the fence door is guarded by Hector. Sylvester regretfully accepts eating the mud. Sylvester is next sent to swing on a swing set, while Hector climbs up a nearby tree to finally attack Sylvester again. Sylvester is wrapped in bandages and he tries to remove them at the cost of losing some facial hair.

Lastly, Suzanne watches a show called Captain Electronic in Outer Space. Realizing that she can make Sylvester have fun by imitating Captain Electronic, she tugs Sylvester out and puts him in a spacesuit with a firework jetpack. The jetpack lodges up into Sylvester's space helmet and then explodes, causing Sylvester to lose all of his fur on his head. Suzanne's mother finally catches Sylvester and Suzanne begs to keep him. Suzanne's mother allows her daughter to keep Sylvester, as long as she can give him a bath, feed him, and give him medical attention. Upon hearing "medical attention", Sylvester is scared off and runs out of the house to resume the chase with Hector.




  • On ABC, the part where Sylvester is blown up by a rocket while playing spaceman with Suzanne was edited by replacing the blast with a mirrored still of Suzanne smiling from earlier in the short when she first picks him up.
  • When this cartoon aired on The WB, the rocket part was uncut, but an earlier scene in which Sylvester is thrown into a washing machine by Suzanne and comes out of the machine as a big ball of fur is cut. A similar scene from "A Waggily Tale" is also cut when shown on the same channel.[2]


  • This was the last Sylvester cartoon to be reissued as a "Blue Ribbon" as it was reissued on 15 August 1964.[3] The Vitaphone release "title card" and Color Rings also serve as the ending, replacing the 1955-56 green rings.
  • Sylvester doesn't speak in this short, although he did say "yea" four times.
  • This short was used in the special Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes.



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