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A Political Cartoon is a 1974 short film hybrid of live action and animation. Bugs Bunny, voiced by Mel Blanc, has a small role, campaigning on behalf of equal rights for cartoon characters everywhere. Porky Pig, Road Runner, Michigan J. Frog, Uncle Tom, Big Bad Wolf, and Beaky Buzzard make cameos. Other Looney references include "Sufferin' Succotash", Bosko, and "That's all Folks!" Bugs' sequences were animated by Mark Kausler.


An unemployed cartoonist and political activist devise a scheme to embrace the absurdity of modern elections. They create a bland cartoon character named Peter President and run his campaign for President of the United States of America. After Peter is elected, he takes a stand against the Consolidated Commerce Conglomeration; they respond by sending all the India Ink back to India, which renders Peter catatonic. The Conglomeration hires two gangsters to kill the cartoonist, who hides in a printing factory and is turned into a comic book called The Wonderful World of Wibble, so he is replaced with a puppet master.




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