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A Wolf in Cheap Clothing is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by David Gemmill.


Ralph attempts to steal sheep using a variety of disguises, from a sheep's skin to a golf lawn and finally as Fred Sheepdog, but once again fails often.





  • Ralph and Sam's respective replacements George Wolf and Fred Sheepdog from "Sheep Ahoy" make brief cameos near the end, except that this time they are merely disguises worn by both Sam and Ralph respectively to outwit each other, and their replacements' respective names are not used.
  • This is the first time a human shepherd appears in a Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog cartoon, although his face is not shown. This is a stark contrast to other Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog cartoons where human characters do not appear at all.
  • This cartoon marks a rare occurrence where Ralph Wolf speaks while on the job, in contrast to other Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog cartoons where they are almost completely non-verbal except for when the two punch-in and punch-out before and after work. In one scene, Ralph speaks on the job when showing Sam how to play golf.
  • When Ralph attempts to fire Sam in the form of a disguise as Fred Sheepdog near the end, he uses a pink slip, which is a notice of dismissal from employment commonly used in the United States.