Acme Cable TV
Acme Cable TV.png
Series: Tiny Toon Adventures
Season: 2
Episode No. 7
Directed By: Alfred Gimeno
David West (co-director)
Written By: Paul Dini
Nicholas Hollander
Tom Ruegger
Peter Hastings
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Acme Cable TV is an episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.


Having caught the Taiwan Flu, Babs and Buster watch their new Acme Cable TV. They watch "The Babsy and Buswinkle Show", a "Foot Loops" commercial, a Walt Dizzy classic entitled "The Cat Who Thought He Was a Hammer Head Shark", "Flassie", "Story of Montana Max", "Toonywoods Squares", "Grossanne", "Bungle Boy Jeans", "The Gogosby Show" and "Incredible Discoveries". It is revealed at the end of the cartoon that the bunnies have become literal couch potatoes.


Gag credit

The characters in this program are fictitious and any similarity to any real person is purely coincidental, etc., etc.. So don't sue us, OK? Thanks.

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