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Ain't She Tweet is a 1952 Looney Tunes short directed by Friz Freleng.


The title is a play on the song "Ain't She Sweet".


Sylvester stands outside a pet store window, watching Tweety singing "Trololo" in the display area. When Tweety notices, he exchanges comments with the mouse in the cage next to his, angering Sylvester. Sylvester replies, "Okay smarties, laugh this off" and tries to throw a brick at the window. However, upon seeing a cop walk up behind Sylvester, the would-be vandal runs in front of the brick and absorbs the blow.

As Sylvester is planning to cut through the glass window with a glass cutter, a deliveryman takes Tweety away, to be delivered to Granny's house. Sylvester follows the deliveryman and rushes into the yard, only to discover a whole army of bulldogs.

Sylvester makes multiple attempts, all unsuccessful, to get at Tweety:

  • Sylvester tries using a stick with an imitation cat on it, but, the bulldogs clobber it, then he paces to think up another plan.
  • He walks across a tree branch that extends from the outside to the house. Tweety saws the branch off, Sylvester waves goodbye and falls from the tree. "That puddy tat's got a pink skin under his fur toat!" Then, Sylvester closes the gate, bruised, battered and most of his fur ripped off from the fall and the attack.
  • He uses stilts to walk harmlessly above the dogs. Tweety gives the dogs some tools to cut the stilts down to size; Sylvester tries a hasty retreat but ends up just short of the gate.
  • He builds a rocket, which simply sets the cat's fur aflame.
  • He rides in a bucket hung from a wire connected from a telephone pole to the edge of Granny's house. Unfortunately, Sylvester's weight makes the wire sag, lowering the bucket down to the horde of dogs, waiting to attack Sylvester.
  • He waits until the yard is empty and then walks unannounced to the house. The dogs run outside and tackle the cat. This time, Sylvester gets away, but before he can catch his breath, a kindly old man - thinking the puddy had simply wandered outside his home - throws him back into the yard, where the dogs ravage him some more.
  • He hides in a package intended for Granny. The original contents are dog food, which has the dogs so eager. Granny does not take the package in to unwrap, as Sylvester had expected. instead throwing it to the dogs. As she watches the dogs tear open the package to get at their "food," Granny compliments on how hungry they were that she didn't have the chance to unwrap the package.

Finally, Sylvester waits until the early morning to tip-toe silently through the yard. An alarm clock goes off at four o'clock, waking the dogs to pummel the cat one last time. Tweety innocently comments, "Now who do you suppowse would want to distuwb dose doggies so eawly in da morning?" before winking slyly.




  • When this cartoon aired on ABC's The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show, the part where Sylvester is on fire as a result of his malfunctioning rocket (and is shown frantically trying to put out the flames) was cut from 1994 to the show's end in 2000.[1]


  • When this cartoon airs on the USA Turner networks, the Blue Ribbon opening title is missing. In addition, it plays at PAL speed and audio.[citation needed]


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