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Animaniacs is a video game by Konami that is based on the animated series of the same name. It was released in November 1994 for the SNES in North America, December 1994 in Europe, and 1997 in Japan.[1] Konami also made an Animaniacs game for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive, but the two games bear no relation to each other in terms of gameplay.


Pinky and the Brain once again have a plan to conquer the world by deciding to steal the script of the Greatest Movie ever while it was under development (this is not any actual movie or parody of one). The CEO of Warner Brothers studio, Thaddeus Plotz, reluctantly asks the Warner Brothers and Sister (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot) for their assistance to retrieve all 24 pages of the script, which is the primary objective of the game. This game can be completed without obtaining all of them, however. The game focuses more on parodies of films at the different stages that are once more based on different genres of movies.


This game is out of the ordinary because the characters can move forwards, backwards, and side to side--a movement style usually reserved for beat 'em ups.

The characters have no health bar, lives (the game ends when all the characters are defeated/captured, one by one) or special abilities making the game highly difficult due to the one-hit kills. Characters can pick up and throw things as well as execute a dash move. If all three are together, they can also stack themselves up to reach higher platforms. Secondly, there is the slot system, which is a slot machine at the bottom of the screen. It is activated after obtaining a certain number of coins and can be used for a range of power ups such as temporary invincibility or bringing back characters who were defeated or captured earlier.

Throughout the game, there are small robots with white block heads, red bodies and yellow appendages who work for Pinky and the Brain.


The SNES version received a 62% at Gamerankings.[2]


  • Falkor from The Neverending Story makes an appearance in the Fantasy Stage.
  • Facehuggers from the Alien franchise make an appearance in the Sci-Fi Stage.


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