Animaniacs Episode 1 first aired September 13, 1993.

The pilot episode of the Warner siblings, followed by shorts that swiftly introduce the audience to a large number of other characters.

Newsreel of the Stars

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A newsreel explains the origin of the Warners. They were first created in 1930 in Hollywood at the Warner Bros. then-new animation department. However, they were uncontrollable and ran amok all over the Warner Bros. Studios. until they were captured. Their cartoons were locked away in a vault unreleased, and the Warners were locked away in the studio water tower unreleased....or so they think.


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The Warner Sib Pilot. Dr. Otto Scratchansniff recalls the day the Warners escape from the tower. Thaddeus Plotz assigns him to be their Psychiatrist, complaining they are to zany. The Warners drive him crazy until he tears all his hair out. 

The Monkey Song

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Dr. Scratchansniff, the Warners, and the Hip Hippos sing a re-written version of "The Monkey Song" about the Warners. Squit tries to play the flute throughout the song, but keeps getting beat up by Pesto. Bobby, Buttons, Mindy, Pinky, and The Brain make cameo appearances during the song.

Nighty-Night Toon

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In a parody of Goodnight, Moon, a narrator (voiced by Jim Cummings, using a Winnie-the-Pooh-esque voice) says nighty-night to all of the characters of the series.

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