The 54th episode of Animaniacs first aired February 15, 1994.

Randy Beaman

Colin talks of when Randy Beaman's brother ate pop rocks and drank a soda.

Brain Meets Brawn

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The Brain steals some of Dr. Jekyll's formula that turns anyone into a Hulk-like creature when mad. It turns out that whenever Pinky says sorry (intentionally or unintentionally), Brain changes back. In the end, Pinky said sorry and Brain shrunk, resulting in their failure to "take over the world".

Meet Minerva

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Meet Minerva Mink, a mink who causes all males around her to go cookoo when they see her. A dog named Newt (who appeared in Animaniacs Episode 31, is ordered by his master to get him a mink, but Minerva plays hard to get and gets the best of him every time, even going as far as calling him "cute" and taking free take out, though there is a surprise around the end.

Another Randy Beaman

In the winter time, Colin, who is all bundled up, talks about Randy Beaman and his father picking up a female hitchhiker in Kansas and the ending is....kinda spooky. After he tells the story, Colin attempts to walk back to the door, but ends up landing in the snow on his side.

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