Animaniacs Episode 6 first aired September 20, 1993.

Flipper Parody

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The Warners do a parody of the opening to the television show Flipper.

Animaniacs - Flipper Parody (1993)

Animaniacs - Flipper Parody (1993)

Temporary Insanity

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Mr. Plotz's secretary gets sick. When trying to call in a replacement he accidentally dials the Warner's to be his secretaries for the day.

Operation: Lollipop

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The first Buttons and Mindy segment. Mindy tries to retrieve her lollipop off a moving airplane.

What Are We?

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As Dr. Scratchansniff tries to De-Zanitize the Warners he asks them what they are (as in what kind of creature they are). They then proceed to tell their ideas of what they could possibly be while annoying him at the same time.

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