Animaniacs Episode 8 first aired September 22, 1993.

The Warner's Lot Song

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The Warners do a parody of the theme song to Gilligan's Island.

The Randy Beaman Kid

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Colin (also known as the Randy Beaman Kid) tells a story about the strange life of Randy Beaman.

The Big Candy Store

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The Warners go to Flaxseed's Totality of Candy hoping to get some candy without paying, but Flaxseed, the owner, will not allow them to get candy without giving him the bucks.

Bumbie's Mom

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Slappy Squirrel and Skippy Squirrel are watching the film Bumbie the Dearest Deer. At a pivotal point in the film when the title character's mother gets shot and killed, Skippy begins to cry uncontrollably. To stop his crying, Slappy takes Skippy to New Mexico to meet Vina Walleen, the actress who played Bumbie's mom and long-time friend of Slappy's.

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