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Animaniacs Game Pack! is a computer game featuring five games from the Animaniacs TV series, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developed by Funnybone Interactive.


Belchinator Too

This game stars Wakko as the protagonist and The Brain as the antagonist. The Brain has once again decided to attempt world domination by creating robots using the Acme Labs. However, his creations eventually turn against him and take him prisoner, planning to use his vast intellect to help them destroy the world. Wakko must stop the robots by unleashing the power of his belches, fueled by the assorted snacks he finds along the way.

Prop Shop Drop

Yakko needs to help a crabby foreman collect all of the important props for all of these movies. Players control Yakko on a bicycle as he rides through the movies, collecting the props, as well as avoiding obstacles. As Yakko proceeds, he can upgrade to a motorcycle or racecar to cover ground more quickly.


In Smoocher, Dot must turn her nightmares into good dreams by blowing "smooches" at the enemies to freeze them. Once being frozen, Dot may walk over the enemies to "eat them up" and to receive points. Dot can run out of smooches, so she must collect more. If Dot collects TNT, it freezes all the characters on screen. If an enemy touches Dot, she will lose a life.

Baloney's Balloon Bop

Baloney's Balloon Bop stars all three Warners as they try to pop balloons by bouncing Yakko upward on a trampoline held by Wakko and Dot. Baloney the dinosaur runs along the bottom of the screen, under Wakko and Dot, and Yakko will lose a life if he misses the trampoline and is caught by Baloney. Some balloons contain powerups, while others release anvils that will stun Baloney for a moment if they land on him. On later screens, unbreakable steel blocks appear among the balloons.

Tee Off Mini Golf

The player controls Dot as she plays through a nine-hole miniature golf course loaded with unusual obstacles.

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