Antenna Dilemma
Series: Taz-Mania
Season: 1
Episode No. 44a
Directed By: {{{directed by}}}
Written By: Gordon Kent
Art Vitello
Released: November 6, 1993
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Odin and Thor

Antenna Dilemma is an episode of Taz-Mania directed by Gary Hartle. It first aired 6 Nov 1993.


The Platypus Brothers are watching their favorite show, The McKimsons. A severe thunderstorm has interrupted Taz's reception, so he comes over to watch with them. The ceiling above them begins to leak so Taz climbs a ladder to fix it, the Platypi break the ladder, Taz hangs from the light fixture, and it crashes to the floor, pulling the aerial television antenna down through the roof. They persuade Taz to go out in the rain and climb another ladder to reinstall it for them. Meanwhile, Thor and Odin are having a disagreement and Odin challenges Thor to hit a target of his choice. Naturally he chooses Taz. The lightning blasts Taz back to his house where his dad tells him the cable came back on and the show is now over.


The fictional show The McKimsons pays homage to both The Simpsons and the longtime Warner Bros. animators and brothers, Charles, Thomas, and Robert McKimson.

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