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Baby Looney Tunes is an American animated television series that ran from 2002 to 2005.


The show features toddler versions of the Looney Tunes characters. They are cared for by Granny in the first season and, in the second season, go out on field trips with Floyd Minton, her nephew.

Due to the show's younger target demographic of pre-schoolers, the show had to deal with much stricter content regulations to comply with the TV-Y rating and therefore doesn't rely on slapstick violence and visual gags, for which the classic Looney Tunes shorts are famous for, unlike previous TV spin-offs such as Tiny Toon Adventures, Taz-Mania, and The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries; instead, the show focused more on real world problems and morals to which children could relate, such as sharing, understanding emotions, and playing with others.


Baby Looney Tunes was a show several years in the making. In the late 90s, companies like Tyco and Dakin released a set of merchandise featuring baby Looney Tunes characters under the name "Looney Tunes Lovables". They were more or less the same general design as they would later appear in the series, even down to the logo of the show itself. Songs released on a 1997 CD would later be used as "music video" segments in the show.

At the end of that same year, the show was announced under the title Lil' Looney Critters, but in April of 1999, the name was changed to Baby Looney Tunes. This was mostly for simplification purposes and so that previous products under that title would still be viable.

Additionally, "Little Go Beep" was released in 2000 featuring Baby Wile E. and Baby Road Runner and containing the logo in its credits. It further solidified the idea of a fully-fledged series focusing on the Baby Looney Tunes, especially after Warner's previous announcement. While the content was toned down and simplified, it was relatively the same idea.

Also occurring in 2000, Warner decided to make the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies library exclusive to fellow Time Warner properties, specifically Cartoon Network. This made it much easier for a show to be produced and released on Warner's channels, and was subsequently put into production.


The main characters are:

Main Cast

Several other Looney Tunes characters except Speedy Gonzales and Goofy Gophers have made cameos over the course of the show's run, mainly as guest spots or during songs. Baby Prissy, Baby Marc Antony, and Baby Penelope appear in the songs, "Down by the Cage", "Paws and Feathers", and "Vive Le Pew", respectively. Baby Marvin, Baby Pepe, Baby Elmer, Baby Instant Martians, Baby Gossamer, and Baby Foghorn appear in "War of the Weirds", "New Cat in Town", "A Bully for Bugs", "A Mid-Autumn Night's Scream", "Stop and Smell Up the Flowers", and "Cock-a-Doodle-Doo-It!" respectively. Baby Wile E., Baby Road Runner, Baby Porky, and Baby Sam appear in multiple songs.


A total of 52 episodes were produced over two seasons. See the Baby Looney Tunes Episode Guide and List.

Each episode opened with the "Baby Looney Tunes Theme Song" and featured two twelve-minute segments.


Reruns aired on Cartoon Network from the show's end to 2009. They returned again in August 2015 to promote Cartoon Network's Uncle Grandpa episode "Uncle Grandpa Babies" and got a regular morning slot with the old Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts not long after. They were both removed in 2016. Reruns started airing on Boomerang on 29 August 2005, the same day as Duck Dodgers. They are currently airing as of July 2019. Reruns returned to Cartoon Network 13 September 2021, as part of the Cartoonito programming block.


  • In Episodes 1 through 18, all the babies wear diapers except Tweety and Taz. Starting from Episode 19, all babies' bottoms are bare, except for Petunia who starts wearing underpants, indicating that by that time the babies have been potty-trained.