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Bad Ol' Putty Tat is a 1949 Merrie Melodies short directed by I. Freleng.


By Tweety's house, at the top of a tall wooden pole, is a sign reading "DO NOT DISTURB." There is barbed wire on the pole and a damaged Sylvester.

Sylvester uses a trampoline to try to get to Tweety's birdhouse; Tweety fights back with knocks to the head and a dynamite stick. Sylvester tries to get Tweety to slide down a clothespin and into his mouth; he almost gets a rocket ride for his trouble.

Sylvester then paints his finger into a female Tweety which works at first, but then he switches hats with "her". Sylvester then tries to bite Tweety, resulting in Sylvester biting his own finger.

Tweety accidentally becomes the badminton birdy in a makeshift game. Again, Sylvester springs and gets another stick of dynamite. The cat then builds an entirely new birdhouse, fooling Tweety into walking right in. Instead of being digested, Tweety takes manual control of Sylvester, turning him into a train which crashes into a brick wall.


  • Tweety: Bad Ol' Putty Tat! You fwighten me! You make my widdle heart quiver!
  • Tweety: Goody-goody for me, I is wunnin' a choo-choo twain!
  • Tweety: Uh-oh! Wrecked the putty tat. You know, I lose more putty tats that way!
  • Tweety: Oh... But something tells me that putty is somewhere awound here cwose to me. With his wong teeth and his sharp cwaws... OH!! I'M SCARED!






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