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Ballpoint Puns is the 7th episode of season 2 of The Bugs Bunny Show, originally aired on November 21, 1961.


Red and black dancing pens, named Penelope and Penbroke, perform like figure skaters on the stage floor and write the titles of the cartoons selected for this episode.

Cartoons Featured




Bugs and the Dancing Pens

BUGS (shown in shadow): "Oh, Penbroke, Penelope. On stage, please. (two pens come onto stage and dance like figure skaters horizontally from left to right on stage floor with theatrical spotlight on them and following their left-to-right movement; both pens leave an ink line trail behind them as they move) Mmm. You two are really making your mark on show business. (pens write 'What's up, Doc?' on stage floor, with those words under theatrical spotlight) Um, snappy penmanship, but, uh, aren't you lifting somebody's line? (pens pull the words off of stage floor) You know what's on the programme. Give it to us the way you did at rehearsal. (words form a rope, and pens turn rope into a lasso which they spin) They really are an imprompt-two. Ahem. Penelope. Penbroke. Penbroke!!! (pens fall to floor) This is not the Pen-Dalton Round-Up. Now, stick to the script and introduce the first feature."