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Bars and Stripes Forever is a 1939 Merrie Melodies short directed by Ben Hardaway and Cal Dalton.


Anthropomorphic dog prisoners resort to all means possible to attempt a prison breakout. When the dogs make a break for it, the canine cops are on their heels. The prisoners are really in the doghouse with the warden when they attempt to escape from "Alcarazz," where "stone walls do not a prison make... but they sure help!"




Original Card

The original opening and production code were restored for the Turner "dubbed version". However, the original ending is cut and replaced with the 1938 Leon Schlesinger "dubbed" card in the "dubbed version", at least in the American dubbed version.

a.a.p. hacked off the original card, hence early TV airings of the cartoon don't have the WB shield),[1] and the LaserDisc release replaced the hacked a.a.p. opening with "Gold Rush Daze"'s opening Color Rings. One can tell that the 1939 opening rings are from another source due to the un-matching color correction of the 1939 opening rings and the closing rings, as well as the blanked-out MCMXXXVIII Roman numerals in the copyright notice.[2]

The American Turner dubbed version is available as a special feature of the Invisible Stripes DVD, with "Hare-um Scare-um", also a Turner dubbed version, without the lost ending, since the DVD came out prior to 2012.


  • MeTV aired a previously unreleased restored print of this short on Toon in with Me with the original opening and ending cards. However, midway through the cartoon, parts of the audio are missing and botched.
    • Three days later, this restoration was released to HBO Max, hence making it one of the few cartoons to be added to the streaming service separately, and not in a batch. The audio problem was fixed on the streaming service there.