Big League Beast is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


On a dark and stormy night, deep in his burrow, Bugs Bunny is watching a Springleyfield baseball game between the Gravelbottoms, for whom he is rooting, and an unspecified team. Suddenly, the power goes out. He spies the satellite dish on the castle belonging to a mad scientist, who is busy in his secret laboratory. His experiment is ruined, however, as Bugs unknowingly disrupts him so he can watch the big game there. He resurrects Gossamer to deal with Bugs.

After Bugs tunes in his anticipated game, Gossamer stands behind Bugs, who sits on his knees like an armchair. When Gossamer opens Bugs' beverage bottle for him, the rabbit realizes his mistake, dropping his bottle in fear and saying that he may miss the seventh-inning stretch. Gossamer grabs Bugs in his hand, but the hare burrows through his his thick red hair, escaping Gossamer every time he is caught. He then hands Gossamer an electric razor so he can catch him more easily, but he just ends shaving off his entire body from head to toe, allowing Bugs to sweep away his remains, as well as his tennis shoes, and flush him down the drain before going back to watch the game. But Gossamer reassembles and emerges from the toilet to catch Bugs unawares, tossing the screen away from his sight. Bugs criticizes his choice of footwear by calling them outdated and allows the creature to select a new pair of shoes before taking off his giant right shoe to reveal his ugly foot so he can play "This Little Piggy" whilst altering the lyrics:

  • This little monster went to market
  • This little monster skulked about
  • This little monster had rabbit stew

Before using a mallet to deliver the final blow, enraging the beast:

  • This little monster went ... YEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!

Bugs fits Gossamer into a classy pair of shiny high heels before posing as his paparazzi, taking various photographs of Gossamer as a top model. Afterwards, he awards Gossamer Miss Gruesomeverse '76 and gives him a bouquet of yellow roses. Gossamer's ecstasy turns to shock, however, as he realizes the flowers are actually dynamite sticks tied together by the fuse, after which he resumes chasing the rabbit, hurling swords, axes, maces, and clubs, before accidentally running near a trap door. Thinking he is safe, he steps near another trap which he avoids due to his previous encounter, before a tentacle drags him down into the first trap door and seals it shut. Bugs gives a sadistic taunt to his rival to celebrate his victory by resuming watching the game, but Gossamer, having escaped from the trap door, snatches the television set from his grasp and crushes it with his bare hands, so Bugs decides to incorporate the big game into his escape plan by making Gossamer the batter and himself the catcher, and umpire both at the same time. The scientist enters to inspect his creation, but Bugs includes him into the game as the pitcher. The game culminates with both creation and creator accidentally slipping on axle grease and crashing into a control panel, injuring and turning themselves into respective television and rabbit ears, after which Bugs declares that "he may have missed the game, but that was one monster of a final play."






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