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Billboard Frolics is a 1935 Merrie Melodies short directed by I. Freleng.


Various signs and billboards comes to life and starts singing and dancing. A baby chick jumps down from its sign and starts running around. A black cat starts chasing the chick, and other signs tries to protect the chick from the cat.





  • A scene appears to have been excised from the original release print of this short. An abrupt jump cut in the music score occurs during the scene transition between the exotic dance of the women's outfit and the chick spotting and chasing after the worm.[2]
  • Removed from the print on volume three of Shokus Video's Cartoon Collection series was the sequence wherein the chick, attempting to catch the worm, is inflated with a tire pump.[2]


  • This is the last Warner Bros. cartoon filmed in 2-strip Technicolor.
  • This cartoon features the first use of the "Merrily We Roll Along" song, which wouldn't be regularly used until 1936, beginning with "Boulevardier from the Bronx".
  • Although this short has only one line of dialogues, the 1995 m/e track is known to exist.[3] It was released with the Captain Blood DVD as a special feature. In addition, the ending card is removed.[4]



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