Hi, I’m the former admin who proposed to remove the categories in the first place. Here is why I petitioned to remove the categories, and why I am against reinstating them.

Before I begin, I need to clarify that the intent of removing the categories was not to say that protagonists, antagonists, heroes and villains don’t exist. The reasoning is actually much more complex.

  1. The purpose of categories is to provide some sort of distinction between different subjects. Since the majority of characters could fall under two or more of the listed categories categories, the categories are pretty much pointless.
  2. Due to the negative continuity of the original shorts, coupled with all of the TV shows and movies having nothing to do with each other aside from the same characters, almost none of the Looney Tunes characters could fall under strictly being a hero or a villain. Even then, some characters may have gray morality and cannot be strictly defined as being a hero or a villain.
  3. The categories do not adequately explain why a character is a protagonist/antagonist/both/etc. When these categories were on a page, the page itself didn’t even explain why a character was a particular type. If you want to explain why a character is a hero or a villain, explain in the page why and how they are a hero or a villain.
  4. Most importantly, the categories are up for debate. You say “a villain is someone who does evil things and an antagonist is someone who opposes the protagonist (the main character).” However, what do you define as “evil” and “good”? Is Wile E. Coyote the hero because he just has to have the Road Runner, is he the villain for disrupting the bird’s life, or is he neither? Because the categories can be (read: can be) opinion-driven, and there are cases where they have led to pointless edit wars, those categories are completely useless.

If you still feel that the hero, villain, protagonist and antagonist categories should be kept, you are welcome to go to another wiki which has them.

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