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Boo! Appetweet is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


In their comfy city home, Granny and Tweety are busy baking cupcakes, with the first batch having already cooked to perfection. Unbeknownst to them, Sylvester is eyeing Tweety in the kitchen doorway, thinking he would be an exquisite meal. Granny then gives her pet canary a cupcake for him to decorate in his own likeness, but realizes she is out of eggs, so she decides to ride her motorcycle to market to buy some more. This is all part of Sylvester's plan to lure Granny away so he can eat Tweety uninterrupted. The plans works, but he accidentally eats Tweety's cupcake instead of the bird, knocking Tweety into a bowl of flour in the process.

Tweety looks for the lost cupcake, asking Sylvester for his advice. However, the poor feline thinks he has eaten the real Tweety after he sees him doused in white and decides to get some rest to calm his nerves, skyrocketing through the ceiling into the upstairs toilet in fear after he sees Tweety as a ghost again. Tweety, thinking the cowardly cat wants to play hide and seek, immediately finds him, and Sylvester tries to escape by travelling through the shower faucet in fear; this fails as he is discovered in the following places:

  • Under the rug
  • Inside a potted fern plant
  • Encased in a parody artwork of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Bricked up in the closet

Sylvester nearly loses all hope until he finds a book named "How to get rid of a GHOST!" by Paranorma Funnylastname, upon which he decides that it's time for him to fight back and exterminate Tweety for good, before being frightened into the trunk by the bird. Having no choice but to face his hallucinations, Sylvester dons a Ghostbusters costume crafted from:

  • A large grey waistcoat
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Makeshift goggles fashioned from cardboard toilet rolls and bottle caps

Aiming the vacuum at the ghostly canary, he switches it on to suck mode, but sucks up everything in the entire kitchen and living room, getting crushed under the total mass when he sets it to blow. Tweety, having witnessed the decimation, goes to see if Sylvester is alright, but accidentally trips on the soap and into the sink, rendering him yellow once more. Upon seeing Tweety alive and having nearly lost all of his nine lives, Sylvester rejoices in the reassurance that he is no longer haunted, then he sees his eight former lives appear in front of his own eyes, petrifying the final life out of him. Tweety remarks at this by saying "I tawt I taw dead puddytats. I did," in a fearful tone.