Books starring Looney Tunes characters have been around nearly as long as the characters themselves. Books about Looney Tunes and their authors and animators are newer and perhaps aimed at an older audience, but just as popular.

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Baby Looney Tunes Storybook Treasury

Lt blt storybook treasury
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Big Little Books

Lt book big little
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Buzz Books

Bugs Bunny

  1. Bugs Bunny in Ali Baba Bunny
  2. Bugs Bunny in Knighty Knight Bugs
  3. Bugs Bunny in Broomstick Bunny
  4. Bugs Bunny in Mutiny On The Bunny

Looney Tunes

  1. Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner in Beep Beep
  2. Daffy Duck in Quackodile Tears
  3. Sylvester and Tweety in Catty Cornered
  4. Foghorn Leghorn and Henery Hawk in Fowl Play

Tiny Toons

  1. Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Bunny's Prehistoric Pet
  2. Tiny Toon Adventures Earth Quack
  3. Tiny Toon Adventures Last Night at the Prom
  4. Tiny Toon Adventures Think or Swim

Cozy Corner Books

Lift-the-Flap Books

Little Golden Books

Lt little golden books
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Big Golden Books

First Little Golden Books

Golden Board Books

Golden Little Look-Look Books

Golden Sound Story

Golden Story Books

Looney Tunes Library

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Looney Tunes Wacky Adventures

Lt book wa
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Speedy Gonzales Story Time Book Set

Lt speedy set
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Sylvester & Tweety Read the Mystery

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Tell-a-Tale Books

Wile E. Coyote, Physical Science Genius

Lt book wile e coyote physical science genius
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  • Chuck Amuck (by Chuck Jones)
  • Chuck Reducks (by Chuck Jones)
  • That's not all Folks! (by Phillip Bashe, Mel Blanc)
  • That's Still Not All Folks!! (by Joe Alaskey)


  • "I Say, I Say... Son!": A Tribute to Legendary Animators Bob, Chuck, and Tom McKimson (by Robert McKimson Jr.)
  • Tex Avery: King of Cartoons (by Joe Adamson)
  • Who Was Chuck Jones? (by Jim Gigliotti)


  • Bugs Bunny: Fifty Years and Only One Grey Hare (by Joe Adamson)
  • Draw the Looney Tunes (by Dan Romanelli)
  • The 50 Greatest Cartoons (by Jerry Beck)
  • Hollywood Cartoons: American Animation in its Golden Age (by Michael Barrier)
  • I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat: 50 Years Of Sylvester & Tweety (by Jerry Beck, Shalom Auslander)
  • Living Life Inside the Lines (by Martha Sigall)
  • Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies: A Complete Illustrated Guide To The Warner Bros. Cartoons (by Will Friedwald, Jerry Beck)
  • Looney Tunes Piano Library
  • Looney Tunes: The Ultimate Visual Guide (by Jerry Beck)
  • The Looney Tunes Treasury (by Andrew Farago)
  • Of Mice and Magic (by Leonard Maltin)
  • The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes Cartoons (by Leonard Maltin, Jerry Beck)
  • Warner Bros. Animation Art: The Characters, The Creators, The Limited Editions (by Will Friedwald, Jerry Beck)
  • The Warner Bros. Cartoons (by Will Friedwald, Jerry Beck)
  • What Is the Story of Looney Tunes? (by Steve Korte)
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