Bosko's Mechanical Man
Directed By: Hugh Harman (uncredited)
Produced By: Hugh Harman
Rudolf Ising
Leon Schlesinger (associate producer)
Released: July 29, 1933
Series: Looney Tunes
Animation: Isadore Freleng
Thomas McKimson
Film Editor:
Voiced By: Johnny Murray (uncredited)
Rochelle Hudson (uncredited)
Music: Frank Marsales
Starring: Bosko
Preceded By: Shuffle Off to Buffalo
Succeeded By: The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
Bosko's Mechanical Man (1933) (High)

Bosko's Mechanical Man (1933) (High)

Bosko's Mechanical Man is a 1933 Looney Tunes short directed by Hugh Harman.


Honey does some spring cleaning, washing the windows, just when Bosko and his pet Dog unexpectedly arrives, writing "I love you" on on the window, and making his entrance by giving her a bouquet of flowers (flowers which he plucked from her garden), she welcomes him in with a very happy mood, as he is just in time to help her wash the dishes, of course he doesn't really wanna do that, but Honey makes him do it any how.

Things go pretty well at first, until Bosko gets careless and breaks a bunch while carrying them outside, even though Honey warned him, this makes her furious, and Bosko feels bad about it, but that is when he sees a newspaper headline which reads "Robot will do work of hundred men say technocrazys". Inspired he rushes to the shack and makes a robot out of junk and spare parts to help her clean the house, but it doesn't turn out the way he had expected when the robot hostile and chases him into Honey's house.

Honey through quick thinking uses her perfume to calm down the mechanical monster, and Bosko keeps him calm by playing the piano, however, the second he stops the robot begins to pursues him once more, Honey tries to stop him by playing a song on the record player, but due to it skipping and getting stuck on the same part, this doesn't stop the metal menace for long.

The robot chases the two of them outside the house wreaking havoc and even shocking Bosko's dog, they run away as fast as they possibly can till finally they are chased to a construction site, where Bosko finds a stick of dynamite, he tosses it at the steel man blowing it up, and saving the day.


  • When Bosko and Honey are cleaning the dishes Honey sings the 1921 song "Ain't we got fun"
  • The newspaper Bosko reads is called "The Daily Bugle", this is a incredible case of coincidence, as years later in 1962 Marvel comics introduced a fictional newspaper of the same name into their stories, which is still around in the comics and pop culture even to this day.


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