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Bounty Bunny is a 2021 Looney Tunes Cartoons short directed by Ryan Kramer.


Yosemite Sam goes on a Bugs "Bounty" hunt in order to get the $5000 cash reward for it's capture, but soon finds the "Wanted Rabbit's" antics might outweigh the reward.

After several failed attempts at capturing Bugs whom was mistaken for a "Wanted Rabbit", Sam finally succeeded in his attempt at catching Bugs and decides to turn him in to the sheriff, hoping to get the $5000 cash reward, but it turns out that Sam was too late since the actual "Wanted Rabbit", a big grey rabbit resembling a more muscular version of Bugs but with three whiskers, has already turned himself in a couple of hours ago. Bugs soon realized that he has been a victim of attempted kidnapping from Sam the whole time, and as the result, Sam gets arrested by the sheriff for his crime and gets locked up in the same jail cell as the "Wanted Rabbit".


  • The ending where it is revealed that Yosemite Sam mistook Bugs for the actual "Wanted Rabbit" with a similar face but with three whiskers instead of Bugs' two whiskers is a joke on the fact that Bugs originally had three whiskers on his face in the 1940s cartoons before being drawn with two whiskers as of the 1950s.