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Boyhood Daze is a 1957 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones.


Ralph Phillips breaks a window while playing baseball inside and is sent to his room until his father gets home. Feeling unappreciated, he daydreams about heroically saving his parents from African cannibals. He launches a paper airplane and imagines himself as a jet ace, skywriting and rounding up an armada of Martian spaceships. When his father finally arrives, Ralph imagines himself as a prison inmate, but his father just says he'll have to pay for the window and sends him outside to play. Ralph grabs his ball and glove and runs out to the yard, but when he spies a cherry tree, he envisions he's George Washington with an axe.





  • When this cartoon aired on ABC, the following scenes were cut:[1]
    • The pre-credits scene of Ralph breaking the window and sadly going upstairs to his room (The Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show provided their own opening and closing title cards for the shorts they aired and cut out any opening credits that played over moving scenes).
    • The entire sequence of Ralph's parents getting captured by African jungle natives and Ralph swooping in to rescue them by slaughtering the natives.
  • In contrast to ABC, versions shown on TBS and Nickelodeon left in the pre-credits scene and showed the entire sequence of Ralph rescuing his parents from jungle natives, but cut the initial shot of them dancing around the cauldron, where their shadows are cast over Ralph's parents as they talk to each other and where they back away and run as Ralph advances on them were left in.[1]
  • Cartoon Network left in the African native fantasy the pre-credits sequence, but edited the scene of Ralph imagining himself as a convict awaiting punishment from the warden in his cell to remove Ralph smoking and stomping out a cigarette.[1]