Brain Meets Brawn is the first segment of Animaniacs Episode 54.


Pinky and The Brain are in Dr. Jekyll's office while Brain schemes a new way to take over the world. Brain sees Dr. Jekyll's potion as the doctor drinks it. He turns green and then is taken away by the officers. Brain uses the potion to his advantage to when he drank it, he can stop the clock tower and freeze time. Pinky makes Brain mad with his stupidity of course, and that's when Brain turns big and green. Pinky then said sorry for making him mad, turning Brain back to normal. Brain demands Pinky make him mad again, but everytime Pinky makes him mad, he says sorry, making Brain transform back and forth. Brain and Pinky reach the clock tower and the gears inside. It is almost 4 o' clock (the time they need to freeze time) and they have not enough time to plan. Brain tells Pinky to make him mad so he can stop the clock. Pinky does and the plan works for a while until Pinky accidentally said sorry again. Brain shrinks back down to his normal size and the clock gears start moving again pushing both of them back to the ground floor. Brain is not at all happy that another failed attempt prevented him from taking over the world.

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