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"I wanna Easter egg! I wanna Easter egg!"
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The Bratty Kid is a Looney Tunes character.

The first house the "joyous bunny" visits bears a name by the door: Dead End Kid, and the mean little red-haired kid who lives inside throws the egg at Bugs' face, bites him in the leg and beats Bugs up before body slamming him on the floor. Bugs loses his cool, grabs the kid's arm and attempts to scold him ("Now look at here, you juvenile delinquent!"). Unfortunately, Dead End Kid screams that Bugs broke his arms and three huge thugs rush in on Bugs while aiming guns at him. Bugs barely escapes the hail of bullets.

The character is not seen for the rest of the cartoon until Bugs manages to sic Dead End Kid on Elmer (who beats Elmer on the head repeatedly with a hammer after Bugs paints Elmer's head to look like an Easter egg).

He appeared in the The Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries episode "Rasslin' Rhapsody" where he is named Knuckles LaRose.


  • "He bwoke my wittle arm! He bwoke my wittle arm! The bad rabbit bwoke my wittle arm!"
  • (repetitively) "I wanna Easter egg!"


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