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Buddy's Garage
Directed By: Earl Duvall
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Released: April 14, 1934
Series: Looney Tunes
Story: Allen Rose (uncredited)
Animation: Jack King
Sandy Walker
Film Editor: Bernard B. Brown (uncredited)
Treg Brown (uncredited)
Voiced By: Jack Carr
Berneice Hansell
Music: Bernard Brown
Starring: Buddy
Preceded By: Buddy and Towser
Succeeded By: Beauty and the Beast

Buddy's Garage is a 1934 Looney Tunes short directed by Earl Duvall.


Buddy is working at a garage, when Cookie comes over and brings him lunch. A big man comes in looking for gas. While Buddy is filling up his car, he abducts Cookie. Buddy chases him in a tow truck and is able to rescue Cookie with a tow hook. He then hooks up the crook and brings him back to give him his punishment.


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