Buddy the Detective
Directed By: Jack King
Produced By: Leon Schlesinger
Released: October 17, 1934
Series: Looney Tunes
Animation: Paul Smith
Don Williams
Film Editor:
Voiced By:
Music: Bernard Brown
Starring: Buddy
Preceded By: Shake Your Powder Puff
Succeeded By: Buddy the Woodsman

Buddy the Detective is a 1934 Looney Tunes cartoon.


On a dark and stormy night, an insane musician seeks a student to listen to his music. He picks out Cookie from the phonebook and forces her with hypnotism. She goes to his house, her dog notices and he runs to Buddy's house, and the two set out to find the mad musician's house. They encounter several scary things, such as skeletons. Eventually they find Cookie, and Buddy is able to handle the villain. Cookie also torments him by playing extremely danceable music on the piano.



Buddy the Detective (1934) Leon Schlesinger Studios

Buddy the Detective (1934) Leon Schlesinger Studios

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