Bugs Bunny's Space Carrot is a book in the Golden Little Look-Look Books series. It was published in 1977 by Golden Press.


Elmer Fudd stops by Bugs Bunny's barn and invites him to go fishing, but Bugs is too busy. He has built a rocket ship that looks like a giant carrot and is anxious to go to space. Using a goldfish bowl for a helmet, he climbs into Space Carrot One, has a quick space snack, and counts down. The rocket launches, but begins to wobble and lands across the street. Groggy, Bugs thinks he's on an alien planet. He hops out, plants a flag in some dirt, and names the planet "Carrotania". He starts to explore and is amazed that the alien litter he finds is so much like the litter back home. Construction equipment frightens him so he runs back to his ship. He launches once more, but almost immediately runs out of fuel. He quickly pours some carrot juice in the tank and flies back to his yard. Elmer arrives, carrying the Carrotania flag, and Bugs realizes he never left this planet, so he goes fishing with Elmer after all.

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