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Crazy Castle 3 Cover

Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3, known as それいけ!! キッド Go! Go! Kid! ("Let's Go!! Kid: Go! Go! Kid") in Japan is an action puzzle game made by Kemco for the Game Boy Color in 1999.


Bugs Bunny finds an ancient book in an antique shop titled "The Treasure of the Old Castle". Bugs reads the book and soon completely loses track of the time. The book reads:

"Somewhere in the old castle, there's a treasure that will bring great happiness to its finder. However, the exact location of the treasure is a mystery..."

So Bugs sets off immediately to search for the treasure.

Japanese and English Versions

Like the previous Crazy Castle games, the English version is actually a remake of another Japanese game, Soreike!! Kid, which was released 07/12/97 by Kemco. The only difference besides the change of characters is the addition of color.

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