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Bugs Bunny Hangs Around is a 1957 Whitman Tell-a-Tale book featuring Bugs Bunny.


Bugs Bunny wakes up and decides to go to Elmer Fudd's house to help him out with his garden. Porky Pig meets him and, thinking the rabbit's up to no good, calls Petunia Pig on the phone. She plans to meet Porky at Elmer's house, but Bugs gets there first and offers to weed Elmer's garden. Elmer accepts, but as soon as he leaves, Bugs takes to pulling and eating the carrots in the garden. Just then, Porky and Petunia arrive and tell Elmer that Bugs is pulling up the carrots instead of the weeds. Elmer is upset at the discovery, but decides to team up with Porky and Petunia to make a plan to deal with Bugs.

Elmer makes a pitcher of lemonade and a chocolate cake and convinces Bugs to come inside the house and take a break from working in the garden. The rabbit accepts the offer. In the meantime, Porky and Petunia work in the garden. Just as Bugs walks out the front door, they enter the house and prepare to watch their plan unfold. Bugs resumes pulling carrots, thinking that he has fooled Elmer. Once the last carrot is in the basket, Bugs picks up the carrot basket, only for a rope to snap around his ankle and yank him into the tree. Elmer, Porky and Petunia go outside and laugh at Bugs, who is now dangling from the rope.