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Bugs Bunny and Taz: Time Busters is a game for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. It was released in 2000 by Infogrames Entertainment, SA. It's the sequel to Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time.


The player controls Bugs Bunny or Taz and can switch between them to explore different locations and play minigames. They both have a unique set of abilities that come in handy during the game, in addition to being able to learn special moves from Granny.

The objective of the game is to get the Time Gem, but there are also many gears from the Time Regulator scattered around the different Time Periods. Playing minigames rewards you with gears. Sometimes, one will encounter enemies. Shoot at them with Bugs' Snipe ability or jump on them and then attack them to defeat them. Carrots can be used to recharge your health. The Time Gem is always located with a boss, who will be in a locked location. In order to get in, one must get three Boss Tokens.


After the events of Lost in Time, Daffy Duck is on duty as the top pest controller for "Jet Age Pest Control" and accidentally breaks Granny's Time Regulator and is thrown back in time with the core of this machine, a precious Time Gem. The Time Regulator also spits out most of its gears. Granny recruits Bugs Bunny and Taz to locate the Time Gem and its gears. To do so, this unlikely pair will have to travel through four different eras in time: The Aztec Era, where they face the hot-tempered Aztec king Yosemite Sam, the Viking Era, where the Viking Elmer Fudd, the keeper of Thor's hammer, possesses the Time Gem, the Arabian Era, where the mighty warrior Baba Chop believes the Time Gem to be part of his own treasure, and the Transylvanian Era, where the vampire Count Bloodcount is using the Time Gem to enhance his own powers. Daffy does not make it any easier, as he continually tries to steal the Time Gem and any treasure he finds, drawing the ire of the bosses. Eventually, Bugs and Taz get the Time Gem back from Count Bloodcount and use it to travel back to Granwich, leaving Daffy at the mercy of Count Bloodcount. Granny restores the gears and the Time Gem in the Time Regulator, bringing time back to normal and returning Daffy to the present. However, Count Bloodcount had shrunk him, allowing Bugs to spray Daffy with an exterminator's poison gas pack. Bugs tells Granny to "next time, get some reviews before you call an exterminator".



  • Granny and the Time Regulator are situated here; all 4 time era portals are situated here as well. Each portal has a special door representing each time era. The name is a parody of Greenwich, England


  • In the ancient world of the Aztecs, search the temples, play funny games like "pelota" or "catch the monkeys" and meet the first era boss- the might Yosemite Sam!


  • Visit the Viking Village and solve puzzles like "village statues" or play short games like "ring-and-roll" until you open the boss's lair and there....meet the terrible Viking boss, Elmer Fudd!


  • Enter the magical world of the Arabian era. Rescue genies, avoid snakes, and....dance! Yes, dance! Prepare to face the mighty guardian of the thieves' treasure: Baba Chop! Be careful.......because Baba chops!


  • This is your very last destination. Visit the spooky world of Count Bloodcount, lord of this era. Play rugby with huge monsters, visit Zoovania, and even swap bodies to complete a crazy mission in the frightening Transylvanian village. Beat the Count and get the Time Gem back for Granny!



Bugs Bunny & Taz- Time Busters (2000) (PC) (100% Perfection)


  • After his time-traveling adventure in the previous game, Bugs has been recruited to help fix Granny's Time Regulator. Bugs is wise, agile, and can perform a wide array of moves, including Ear-O-Copter, which allows him to fly by using his ears like helicopter blades, Trampoline, which allows him to bounce off of Taz's head, Rabbit On A Roll, which allows him to roll incredibly fast, and Snipe, which allows him to shoot carrots at enemies. Use him for the missions that require precise or sneaky control.
  • Taz is here as Granny's sidekick/apprentice/"pet." Granny has sent him to help Bugs in his quest. Of course, he doesn't totally sympathize with Bugs (he really loves rabbit...for dinner!). Some of Taz's wild characteristics will be useful for tasks such as picking up and pushing really heavy objects or using his tornado spin to break through stuff. Unfortunately, his natural instinct tells him to eat any object he picks up. His special moves include Throw Bugs, allowing him to throw Bugs at hard-to-reach places, Pull-A-Face, which allows him to frighten certain enemies, Super Spin, essentially the same as Bugs' Rabbit On A Roll, and a special ability that allows him to blow a huge bubble gum bubble and fly.
  • Granny acts as the guide and mentor in the adventure. In addition to teaching special moves, she reveals information and hints to guide you in the quest via the magic mirror. Because she must keep an eye on the Time Regulator, she can't directly participate in the adventure. Her title is "Granny Time," a parody of Father Time.
  • Tweety is another of Granny's pets. He acts as a messenger when Granny wants to talk to Bugs and Taz. When they see him, they must get close to him and simply press the "action" button. Tweety will then put them in contact with Granny.
  • Daffy Duck is the primary antagonist of the game. Aware that he can now travel through time using the Time Gem and become rich with all those treasures, he will roam the different eras to get as much as he can. After the characters defeat the bosses, he will rush in and steal the Time Gem, which will send him to another Era. For the majority of the time, Daffy is more of an annoyance than a real enemy. However, in the Transylvanian Era, he drinks a serum that turns him into a giant, fanged, green-feathered creature. He battles Bugs and Daffy before being turned back to normal by Count Bloodcount.
  • Gruesome Gorilla is a gorilla who rules the Baboon Realm of the Aztec Era. He is used as a mini-boss. In his boss fight, he stands on a tower and throws rocks at you. You must trick him into throwing rocks onto four different switches, which will open a door into the tower. Then, light a fire underneath the grate on the tower ceiling and use the bellows to make the fire bigger. This will cause it to burn Gruesome Gorilla's butt and make him jump into space.
  • Yosemite Sam is an Aztec king with a bad temper. During the boss fight, you must push the giant blocks so that they're under the three ropes. Sam will attack you with a torch. Hit him and then pick up the torch. Run to one of the blocks, jump on, and burn the rope the block is under. Once you have burned all three ropes, the huge block they were supporting will fall on Sam.
  • Elmer Fudd is a Viking who guards Thor's golden hammer that controls the weather. During the boss fight, you will be on a platform and Elmer will stand on a pillar. The Time Gem is in a cage in the middle of the platform, surrounded by bulls-eyes. Elmer will summon lightning using the hammer, calling "Stwike the wabbit!" or "Stwike the fwea-bitten townado!" depending on who you are controlling. You must trick him into summoning a lightning bolt that hits a bull's-eye in front of the pillar, causing it to sink into the platform until Elmer is at your level. He will then try to smash you with his hammer until you kick him and make him drop it. This will also cause Elmer's helmet to cover his eyes. Pick up the hammer and use it to hit the bulls-eyes until the cage bars collapse. Elmer, not being able to see, will fall off the platform.
  • Baba Chop is a chopping-obsessed Arabian who guards a massive pile of treasure. He will try to chop you in half with his huge sword, or spin into a tornado akin to Taz's and try to cut you to pieces. During the boss fight, you must turn the giant gongs so they face Baba and then wait for a treasure chest to fall on him. Then use Taz to throw him at the gongs. Once you do this enough, he will be defeated.
  • Count Bloodcount is a powerful vampire who rules the monster-infested Transylvanian Era. During his boss fight, he will first come up under the floor and throw the flagstones at you. Jump on him to crush him and turn him into a bat. He will fly through a window, smashing it. Get the gargoyle in the window inside and push it towards the coffin in the middle of the room. When the Count returns, he will fly towards you until you hit him and he turns into a bat. He will fly through another window and you must get that window's gargoyle over to the coffin. When the Count returns, he will drop from the ceiling on elevator-like platforms and try to crush you. Hit him and turn him into a bat, then wait for him to smash the window and get its gargoyle over to the coffin. When he returns, he will use all three previous attacks until he is turned into a bat and flies through the window once again. Get that window's gargoyle to the coffin, and all the gargoyles will come to life and lift the lid off the coffin, revealing the Time Gem. Bugs and Taz use the Time Gem to return to Granwich, and the Count will shrink Daffy before he is brought to Granwich.

Boss Token and Boss Stages

  • Aztec: Golden City; Baboon Realm; Sacred Ride; Sam's Temple.
  • Viking: Shore Village; Moon Valley; Shield Race; Elmer's Domain.
  • Arabian: Sunset Alleys; Royal Gardens; Carpet Chase; Baba's Cave.
  • Transylvania: Ghost Town; Zoovania; Haunted River; Count's Castle.

Looney References

Aztec Era

Viking Era

Arabian Era

  • Baba Chop's character was based on the Hassan Chop character from "Ali Baba Bunny".

Transylvanian Era

  • Count Bloodcount from "Transylvania 6-5000" was used for the final boss of the game. The part where he throws the stone blocks comprising the floor at you also occurred in that short.