Bugs Bunny and the Indians is a 1951 book from Little Golden Books featuring Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig.


Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig are spending the summer at a cowboy ranch. Bugs is the only cowboy to have guns. Porky points out to Bugs that none of the other cowboys have them, but Bugs says that they have to be prepared because there might be "Indians" around. All of the cowboys laugh, especially Cowboy Slim, because he actually is a Native American. Slim feels that Bugs needs a lesson, so he teams up with the other cowboys to help Bugs arrange an opportunity to meet some real Native Americans. That night, Cowboy Slim heads for "Indian territory."

The next day, the cowboys ask Bugs if he would like to ride to the ranch to possibly see some Native Americans. Bugs says that he promised to ride into town, but Porky says that he will go for him. Bugs and the cowboys ride off to "Indian territory." Just as they enter the first hills of the valley, several wild Native Americans jump out. The cowboys immediately surrender, but the Native Americans only want Bugs. The other cowboys say that they will rescue Bugs. The warrior takes Bugs to Native territory, but just as they arrive, everybody starts shouting and dancing. Finally, one brave walks up to Bugs and asks him to shoot the guns he has prepared. Bugs says that the guns were actually water pistols and gives them to the brave, who shoots it. The other Natives quickly have fun with the water guns. By the time the cowboys arrive to rescue Bugs, the rabbit reveals that he had already sold the pistols for some goods. The "Indian brave" is then revealed to be none other than Cowboy Slim.

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