Bugs of Steel
Series: New Looney Tunes
Season: 1
Episode No. 28
Directed By: Scott Bern
Written By: Erik Kuska
Released: October 15, 2015
Previous: Hareplane Mode
Next: Big Troubles

Bugs of Steel is an episode of New Looney Tunes. It first aired 15 Oct 2015.


The title is a play on the exercise video Buns of Steel.


As Bugs Bunny is carrying home acorns for Squeaks, Rock Hardcase, a muscular bighorn sheep, named Rock Hardcase invades the forest selling his sham product, Jock Juice.  Bugs gives him the business for a while but he eventually catches both Bugs and Squeaks.  Squeaks bites Rock, popping his inflatable costume which reveals he is really a pipsqueak.  Bugs opens his own gym and teaches crunches, on carrots!


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