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Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars is a 1988 animated television special broadcast on CBS on October 21, 1988. The story revolves around two competing television stations that show music videos from classic Looney Tunes shorts. The stations are hosted by Bugs Bunny (WABBIT) and Daffy Duck (KPUT).

It can be found in the Adventures section of the Space Jam 2- disc box set.


Station Song Actors Directors Taken From the Cartoon
WABBIT In Old Indiana Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd F. Freleng Robot Rabbit (Audio only)
WABBIT Home on the Range Bugs Bunny F. Freleng The Fair Haired Hare
KPUT Sunrise in Nutzville The Wackylanders R. Clampett Porky in Wackyland (R. Clampett credit only)

Dough for the Do-Do (Video only)

WABBIT What's Up, Doc? Bugs Bunny & Elmer Fudd R. McKimson What's Up Doc?
KPUT Oh, People Call Me Daffy! Daffy Duck R. McKimson Boobs in the Woods
WABBIT Those Were Wonderful Days The Four Moustaches B. Brown Those Were Wonderful Days
WABBIT Shake Your Powder Puff The Bunny Sisters F. Freleng Shake Your Powder Puff
WABBIT We're in the Money Bosko Hugh Harman
Rudolf Ising
Bosko's Picture Show
KPUT We Watch the Skyways Daffy Duck F. Freleng Yankee Doodle Daffy
WABBIT Porky's Poppa Has a Farm Porky Pig R. Clampett Porky's Poppa
WABBIT Let's Rub Noses Like the Eskimoses Porky Pig R. Clampett Polar Pals
WABBIT The Age of Aquarium Porky Pig R. Clampett Porky's Poor Fish
WABBIT Would Ya Like to Take a Walk? Porky Pig and Petunia Pig R. Clampett Naughty Neighbors
KPUT Banjo Chickie Boom Daffy Duck F. Freleng Yankee Doodle Daffy
WABBIT We Did it Before The Liberty Mice F. Freleng The Fifth-Column Mouse
WABBIT Any Bonds Today? Bugs Bunny R. Clampett Any Bonds Today?
KPUT We're In to Win Daffy Duck F. Tashlin Scrap Happy Daffy
WABBIT Gee Whiz Willigins Bugs Bunny F. Freleng The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 6 (with some audio from Banty Raids)
KPUT Daffy Drum Boogie Daffy Duck F. Freleng The Bugs Bunny Show Episode 6
WABBIT The Old Soft Shoe Bugs Bunny R. McKimson Hot Cross Bunny
KPUT I Can't Get Along, Little Doggie Yosemite Sam F. Freleng The Fair Haired Hare
WABBIT Wee Widdle Bird Tweety F. Freleng Tweet Tweet Tweety
KPUT Pussycat's Parade Sylvester F. Freleng Tweety's Circus
WABBIT Tiptoe Through the Tulips Pepé Le Pew C. Jones A Scent of the Matterhorn
KPUT Halloween Gavotte Creep Quartet F. Tashlin Have You Got Any Castles?
WABBIT Columbus Day Rag Bugs Bunny R. McKimson Hare We Go
KPUT Irish Jig Porky Pig C. Jones The Wearing of the Grin
WABBIT Yankee Doodle Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam F. Freleng Bunker Hill Bunny
KPUT Jingle Bells Daffy Duck R. McKimson Daffy Duck Hunt


  • The theme music for WABBIT is the music score of Bugs Bunny's theme song "What's Up, Doc?" that played over numerous Bugs Bunny cartoon title cards of the early-1950s.
  • The Space Jam 2- disc box set of the special has a messed up soundtrack with loud music and new sound effects making it hard to hear what Bugs and Daffy are saying, similar to the mixed audiotracks seen on the bonus cartoons "Hop and Go"[1] and "Sniffles Takes a Trip"[2] on Looney Tunes Golden Collection: Volume 6 DVD. And one scene from one of the clips "Scrap Happy Daffy" (where Daffy sings with his reflections from the mirror) was cut due to the inclusion of offensive racial caricatures of WWII such as Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, amongst others. The original 1990s VHS however, has the original soundtrack and the uncut version of the clip from Scrap Happy Daffy.
  • Both "Yankee Doodle Daffy" and "Fifth-Column Mouse", which were included in this TV special, were however under the ownership of Turner Entertainment via the sales of a.a.p. and various mergers at the time this TV special came out. However, since both cartoons are in the public domain due to United Artists' failure to renew their copyrights in time, these two cartoons could be used in this TV special without any potential legal issues.
  • "Yankee Doodle Daffy", "The Fair Haired Hare", and bridging sequences from The Bugs Bunny Show are the only footage sources that appear twice in this TV special.


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