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Buzzard School is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


Way up high in their mountain cave, Mama Buzzard is preparing her alltime special: pasta primavera with rabbit meatballs, only to discover she has no meatballs, blaming her son Beaky Buzzard for not retrieving any as he is too busy learning basic shapes. Grabbing him by the tail feather, Mama seduces Beaky by reminding how much he wants to make her proud before sending him out into the Snake Bite Desert to catch a rabbit in a harsh manner. Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out detecting anything carrot related. To his luck he discovers a can of carrot juice and decides to search for a can opener, discovering one in the form of Beaky's beak which is stuck in a dead tree. Beaky attempts to pull himself out as Bugs asks him what he is doing.

He seems too shy to ask at first, before accidentally revealing his plan to catch, maul, beat, skin, grind up, and make rabbit meatballs of the rabbit. Seeing that Beaky needs proper education, Bugs excite the buzzard to enrol him in Rabbit Hunting 101, claiming to be an expert in hunting his own kind. In lesson #1, he teaches Beaky how to outsmart rabbits by providing him with a multiplication problem and using the blackboard to abuse him every time he gets the question wrong with answers such as 1 and 2, but lets him off easy as he'll never need it in the real world. In lesson #2, Beaky is taught how to track rabbits on literal train tracks which he follows to find one.

However, when he enters a tunnel, Beaky reports to Bugs a familiar sound and is immediately hit by a train, and begins to furiously consider on whether Bugs was trying to trick him or not, to which Bugs responds by claiming he was training him, calming the buzzard. In lesson #3, Bugs teaches Beaky how to trap rabbits by having him pull a boulder into the air with rope until it is at the height Bugs thinks is suitable, which is near a cliff. He then tricks Beaky into place his signature carrot as bait at the point where the boulder is going to land; straight on Beaky the moment he finishes placing the bait. After emerging from the boulder, Beaky is fooled into thinking he is the captured rabbit when Bugs uses a mirror to show only his ears.

Thus, he engages in a brawl with himself, strangling his own neck, and biting his own leg as he does so, with Bugs encouraging him to carry on the scuffle by handing him a club to finish himself off while the rabbit watches in nonchalantly sadistic pleasure. After coming out in a bruised state, Beaky is awarded with a stick of dynamite wrapped with paper and ribbon for usage as a diploma. Ecstatic with his success, he returns to his Mama to tell her about his educational reward only to blow them both up when he arrives. Bugs finishes off by lamenting Beaky's defeat and dismissing the short.