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Cactus If You Can is a 2020 Looney Tunes Cartoons short.


From behind a rock deep in the Snake Bite Desert, Wile E. Coyote spies Road Runner sprinting and decides to use the ACME Super Suc to capture his prey. Setting it to Suck, he vacuums one of his feathers and nearly succeeds in catching Road Runner, but unfortunately sucks in an entire cactus bush. The machine is then plugged by a rock, allowing Road Runner to escape. Not one to give up easily, Wile E. tries to unplug it but after a few unsuccessful attempts, he decides to use his "super genius" and put the Super Suc onto Blow. Although the idea does work, it causes the contraption to take a joyride across Snake Bite. Wile E. runs to to retrieve, having to avoid cactus plants as he does so. Still on Blow, the Super Suc eventually crashes into a canyon and keeps bumping into its ledge, causing a boulder to fall down and squish it. Wile E. thinks the peril is over, but a tiny pebble knocks the switch to Suck mode again. Wile E. is immediately caught, and attempting to release himself, gets cacti in his face. Suddenly, all the cacti come flying towards him, trapping Wile E. inside the Super Suc and causing it to overload and explode, freeing him. Just as Wile E. believes he has seen the last of his woes, Road Runner stops by to taunt his misfortune before speeding off, leaving the coyote to be crushed by a larger boulder which spares him, and a cactus.