Cal Dalton (1908-1974) was an animator and cartoon director at Warner Bros. He worked on Merrie Melodies as a co-director in 1938-1940, he first worked with Cal Howard as his co-director, then for most of Dalton's cartoons he co-directed with Ben "Bugs" Hardaway. Their last cartoon directed by each other was "Busy Bakers", their only cartoon in 1940. 

"Porky's Phoney Express", "Katnip Kollege", and "A-Lad-In Bagdad" all had Howard as co-director, the rest of the cartoons directed by Dalton have Hardaway as his co-director.

Dalton and Hardaway (and before, Howard) took over Friz Freleng's old unit when he left for MGM, for some reason, Dalton was never allowed to be sole director, Dalton later admitted feeling aggrieved about the fact that while he was meant to be nominally in charge of Freleng's former unit, he tended to be overshadowed by the presence of the more experienced Hardaway. He only directed 17 cartoons between 1938-1940, and animated about 33 cartoons between 1934-1937, and he then again animated between 1940-1947 after Friz Freleng had returned from MGM.

Looney Credits


  1. "Porky's Phoney Express" (with Cal Howard)
  2. "Porky's Hare Hunt" (with Ben Hardaway) [uncredited]
  3. "Katnip Kollege" (with Cal Howard)
  4. "Love and Curses" (with Ben Hardaway)
  5. "A-Lad-In Bagdad" (with Cal Howard)
  6. "Porky the Gob" (with Ben Hardaway)
  7. "Count Me Out" (with Ben Hardaway)
  8. "It's an Ill Wind" (with Ben Hardaway)
  9. "Gold Rush Daze" (with Ben Hardaway)
  10. "Bars and Stripes Forever" (with Ben Hardaway)
  11. "Porky and Teabiscuit" (with Ben Hardaway)
  12. "Hobo Gadget Band" (with Ben Hardaway)
  13. "Hare-um Scare-um" (with Ben Hardaway)
  14. "Sioux Me" (with Ben Hardaway)
  15. "Fagin's Freshman" (with Ben Hardaway)
  16. "Porky the Giant Killer" (with Ben Hardaway)
  17. "Busy Bakers" (with Ben Hardaway)


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