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Cartoons R Fun is a 1989 VHS series from Home Video Syndications.

Looney Tapes

101 Bugs Bunny The Wacky Wabbit

Lt crf101.jpg

102 Elmer Fudd Corny Concerto

Lt crf102.jpg

103 Little Lulu

Lt crf103.jpg

104 Porky Pig Pastry Pirates

Lt crf104.jpg

105 Bugs Bunny Fresh Hare

Lt crf105.jpg

  • "Fresh Hare"
  • "Jerky Turkey"
  • "Toonville Picnic"
  • "Little Black Sambo"

106 Daffy Duck Scrap Happy

Lt crf106.jpg

107 Heckle & Jeckle The Talking Magpies

Lt crf107.jpg

108 Mary's Little Lamb

Lt crf108.jpg

109 Elmer Fudd To Duck or Not to Duck

Lt crf109.jpg

110 Bugs Bunny All This and Rabbit Stew

Lt crf110.jpg

111 Bugs Bunny Came to Supper

Lt crf111.jpg

112 Porky Pig Midnight Matinee

Lt crf112.jpg

113 Porky Pig Porky's Garden

Lt crf113.jpg

  • "Porky's Garden"
  • "The Cobweb Hotel"
  • "The Song of the Birds"
  • "It's a Hap-Hap-Happy Day"

116 Porky Pig Porky's Railroad

Lt crf116.jpg

  • "Porky's Railroad"
  • "Mutt & Jeff Westward"
  • "Molly Moo Cow & the Indians"
  • "Jasper in a Jam"

117 Egghead Hamateur Night

Lt crf117.jpg

118 Little Lulu Little Lulu About

Lt crf118.jpg

  • "Porky's Bear Facts"
  • "Jasper and the Haunted House"
  • "Scotty Finds a Home"
  • "A Bout with a Trout"

119 Daffy Duck Southern Exposure

Lt crf119.jpg

120 Casper The Friendly Ghost

Lt crf120.jpg

121 Daffy Duck Henpecked Duck

Lt crf121.jpg

122 Daffy Duck Daffy Duckaroo

Lt crf122.jpg

  • "Daffy Duckaroo"
  • "A Self-Made Mongrel"
  • "Land of the Lost Jewels"
  • "Loose in the Caboose"

123 Old MacDonald and His Farm

Lt crf123.jpg

124 Felix the Cat

Lt crf124.jpg

  • "The Wacky Wabbit"
  • "Spring Song"
  • "The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg"
  • "Dick Wittington's Cat"


  • Some later reissues omit one or more of the cartoons on each tape.