Casper Caveman is a character in "Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur".

About Casper

Casper is a caveman who is accompanied by his pet dinosaur Fido. He went out looking for food and found Daffy Duck.

Casper is grouchy, mean, violent, irritable, and short-tempered due to his hunger, Fido's incompetence, and Daffy's manic craziness. After many attempts to eat daffy, he eventually reaches a giant overinflated rubber duck balloon pumped up by Daffy. He is terrified, but Daffy hands Casper a knife with which to stab the duck. Casper does so, and the ensuing explosion kills them all.

The three lounge on clouds in angel garb. Fido plays a harp while Daffy and Casper lament their mistakes. Daffy says, "You know, maybe that wasn't such a hot idea after all," and Casper says, "Good night, folks."


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