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Cat Feud is a 1958 Merrie Melodies short directed by Chuck Jones.


The title is a play on "cat food," and the feud or fight between the cat and dog.


Hector is a bulldog working at a construction site. He finds a kitten named Pussyfoot, to whom he gives a wiener. Claude Cat sees Pussyfoot and attempts to take the wiener away from her. To defend the kitten, Hector fights the cat on the steal beams of a construction building.

Television Airings




  • Versions of this cartoon that aired on ABC's The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show:[3][4]
    • Replaced the scene of Hector repeatedly punching Claude Cat in the face with a still shot of Pussyfoot the kitten sleeping.
    • Shortened the part where Claude Cat makes Hector hit himself on the head with the I-beam he's clinging to.


  • Claude is also heavily redesigned differently from his earlier appearances.
  • The bulldog from this cartoon is often mistaken for Marc Anthony, because Marc Anthony is the bulldog who was paired with Pussyfoot in previous cartoons. But the bulldog who appeared in this cartoon is Hector.
  • The start of this cartoon is very similar to "Feed the Kitty".