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Catty Cornered is a 1953 Merrie Melodies short directed by Friz Freleng.


Tweety is being held ransom at Rocky's hideaway, and whoever rescues the bird will get one million dollars reward. Tweety tries to escape, but Rocky nearly shoots Tweety. Outside, Sylvester is eating his scraps of food when he hears Tweety chirping at Rocky's lair. Hungry for lunch, Sylvester runs up the stairway and through the sides of the building. However, this catches the attention of Rocky and his sidekick Nick. Nick places a banana where Sylvester is walking, causing him to slip and fall.

Tweety escapes through the door, but needs to hide quickly before he is caught again. Sylvester, who is inside, suggests that Tweety hide in Sylvester's mouth. However, Tweety immediately exits, finding it too cramped inside. Rocky hears Tweety, and Sylvester quickly hides Tweety in a tomato can. Rocky tries to get Sylvester to say where the bird is, but he refuses and is beaten up by Nick. Rocky spots the tomato can moving, exposing Tweety. Rocky places a stick of dynamite inside of the can, and Nick throws Sylvester out. Thinking he finally caught his prey, Sylvester runs off with the can but it explodes. "Ya dirty guys, ugh...", says Sylvester before collapsing on the stairway.

Sylvester next tries to lift himself with an I-beam. He quickly runs off with Tweety, but is squashed by the I-beam as he runs off. "Aw, the poor puddy tat fall down." Sylvester hides in an elevator just as the police arrive at the hideout. Nick hides the bird in the same elevator Sylvester is in. As Rocky and Nick are arrested, Sylvester runs out with Tweety only to be confronted by various photographers and news outlets, who all call Sylvester a hero for saving Tweety. During a town hall meeting, the mayor congratulates Sylvester and tells him to kiss the bird. However, still wanting to get his lunch, Sylvester eats Tweety, and the mayor slaps his head repeatedly until he spits out the bird. Tweety responds angrily, "Ooh, he's a bad puddy tat!"


  • Nick: Hey, boss. I tawt I taw a putty tat.
  • Rocky: You did, you did. You did tee a putty tat.
  • Sylvester: I slip-p-p-ed.
  • Sylvester: Ya dirty guys!
  • Tweety: Nasty old kidnappers!
  • Tweety: Those bad old gangsters!
  • Tweety: Ooh, he's a bad putty tat!




  • The scene of the mayor smacking Sylvester on the head to make him spit out Tweety at the ending was shortened on ABC airings [1].




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