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Caveman Inki is a 1950 Looney Tunes short directed by Chuck Jones.


Inki is out hunting for food with his pet dinosaur. While the two are walking, a volcano splits and reveals a Minah Bird that has a peculiar hopping walk. Inki chases after the bird but is stalked by a sabertooth lion that wants Inki's bone in his top knot.

The lion chases Inki and vice versa. While constantly running into a caveman who is trying to cook a stew. The dinosaur is also out to get the Minah Bird, but is caught by the bird himself.

The caveman who is cooking the stew finally catches Inki and the lion because they keep ruining his stew. However, he discovers that the bird has eaten all of his stew. The bird walks away hiccuping.


  • (2021) Blu-ray
    Looney Tunes: Missing in Action


  • This is Inki's final appearance.
  • This is the first short where Milt Franklyn is credited for music, though it wouldn't be until "Bugs and Thugs" that he officially replaced Carl Stalling.
  • It is the only Inki cartoon reissued after 1956 in the 1957-1958 season (blue Color Rings), and therefore survives with its original credits in the Blue Ribbon titles.[citation needed] (January 2018)
  • The sequence of dinosaurs and saber-toothed tigers fighting each other would later be reused for the Robert McKimson cartoon "Pre-Hysterical Hare".


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